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One Square Foot is a technology driven space where we bring
Technology and User-Experience under one roof.

We constantly work towards delivering tailored and cost effective 3D solutions of high quality across all platforms and at a short turnaround time.

Our area of expertise lies in 3D Real-time interactive architectural visualisation and presentation design. Our customizable camera solution and wide range of interactive features give your clients a 360 view or your project with its elaborate details and 'a live it before you buy it' experience.

Our Aim is simple: To Inspire and Impress your clients and to Win You Business! We strive towards complete client satisfaction in terms of Quality and Project Delivery.

Buildings, too,
are children of Earth
and Sun.
Frank Lloyd Wright

we do

One square foot constantly work towards delivering tailored and cost effective 3D solutions of high quality across all platforms and at a short turnaround time.

We predominantly connect with clients in the Real Estate industry; developers, architects, interior designers and the likes, helping them to present their plans efficiently. We focus on assisting clients with planning presentations, App developments, marketing tools and developments.

3D Services

Architectural 3D Floor Plans
Architectural Modeling/ Rendering
Real-time 3D Interactive Architectural Visualisation Service (tailored solutions for property preview, presentations, exhibitions and marketing)

Key Features

Camera Solution
Complete Interactive Camera
Still Camera
Video Camera
Interactive / Panoramic Camera
Interactive Design & Style Solution
Interactive Colour/Texture Change
Interactive Furniture Change
Interactive Layout Change
Lighting Solution
Lighting Colour Change
Light Switch On/Off
Dynamic 24 hours Light Cycle (Day and Night)
Google Map Integration
Client data generation
Social Networking
PC/Laptop – Windows/Apple
iOS devices
Android Devices

Other Services

Other 3D Services
Photo Realistic Models (High Poly)
Photo Realistic Models (Engine Ready)
Background development interior / exterior (Engine Ready)
Apps for Mobile Devices
Designing and Development of Games -www.bigbootgames.com
Design and Development of utility and entertainment applications.
Website Designing
Corporate Website Designing
Photo Shoots
Professional Photo Shoots
Brochure design
Professional Brochure Designing

"Only those who attempt the absurd...
will achieve the impossible.
I think ...I think it's in my basement...
Let me go upstairs and check."

M.C. Escher


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"Beauty connotes humanity. We call a natural object beautiful because
we see that its form expresses fitness, the perfect fulfillment of function."
β€” Moshe Safdie


Why not take your project
to the next logical step?

Give your customers the ability to Experiencing the property before ownership with our Real-time Interactive 3D Walkthrough Service.

It has been proven that the level of user engagement increases substantially when they are given the opportunity to interact. Lets face it would you rather be shown something and make your assumptions or would you prefer to explore by yourself.

Why not reach more? - to your potential Buyers and Investors in India and Abroad. Pull down the situational and time barriers. Make the property reach them when they can't personally make it.

Our Interactive 3D service does just that! Available across all devices and platforms – desktops, tablets, smart phones (iOS / Android)…it makes your property accessible Anywhere and Anytime.

Our Interactive 3D service is a One Stop Solution, is not only fun and easy to use but also accessible, more informative, engaging & customer-centric

The speed of change
makes you wonder
what will become
of architecture.

Tadao Ando

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